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Refereeing & Mentoring Duties

All fencers from year 8 to 12 are expected to volunteer for refereeing and/or mentoring duties during the school competition season. Fencing is a small but growing sport and relies on student volunteers to assist with refereeing the numerous bouts in a competition. Students are able to learn about the intricacies of the rules for their blade discipline as well as develop leadership and interpersonal skills through being involved in the fencing community.
Mentoring involves supporting and coaching junior fencers during training and at competitions. When there is a lack of opportunities for boys to Referee, they may elect to attend a competition in which they are not competing to act as a Mentor. Both Refereeing and Mentoring duties carry the same value in regard to the School Award Scheme points.

Year 8 to 12 fencers are expected to volunteer as a Referee or Mentor a minimum of 3 times at school competitions if they are not competing in a competition that weekend.

Year 7 fencers and any other first year fencers are encouraged to observe a minimum of 1 school competition if they are not competing in a competition that weekend. This is an opportunity for them to observe and learn more about the rules of fencing (especially if they’re interested in other weapons such as Epee and Sabre), competition formats and support their peers as spectators.

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