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SBHS Fencing 2023

Welcome to Sydney Boys High School Fencing!

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Fencing was first introduced to Sydney Boys High School in 1992. In that time, we have grown into a robust and successful sport that has held at some time every State and National schoolboy title in the regular season of school competitions.

Sydney Boys High School is currently the only public school in Australia to offer training in all three weapons: Foil, Sabre and Epee. We are proud of our achievements as a co-curricular school program despite the limited budget and resources of a public school. Our success as a co-curricular program is due to having a generous and incredibly supportive network of coaches, staff, parents, Old Boys and students who volunteer and contribute their time and effort to help us grow the sport at High.

Vision Statement

Sydney Boys High Fencing seeks to provide a quality program for our boys that caters for our advanced fencers as well as boys who simply enjoy participating in the sport.

Objectives of the SBHS Fencing program

  • To provide quality coaches who specialise in their respective weapons.
  • To deliver a robust fencing curriculum that caters for beginners, intermediate and advanced fencers.
  • To be self-sustainable in terms of equipment and armoury.
  • To teach our boys to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.
  • To promote a culture of sportsmanship, fair play, camaraderie, school community, and High Spirit.
  • To be competitive in inter-school fencing activities with exchanges, fixtures and competitions.
  • To have fun.

We look forward to an enjoyable and rewarding season with you!

Best regards,

Dat Huynh

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Fencing season startsMarch 20, 2023
Welcome to SBHS Fencing 2023!