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Where is the venue for NSWFA events?

Building 2/190 Bourke Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015

The NSW Fencing Centre is between Mascot, Green Square, and St. Peter’s Stations.

It’s about a 10 minute walk from Mascot.

Where to park for NSWFA events?

Sydney Corporate Park complex ($7 for the day, or $3/hour), and at 55 Doody Street. Visit for more details

What do you have to bring to training sessions?

Year 7 – Borrow equipment from the school and sport uniform/sport clothes

Year 8 – 12,  Fencing whites and sport clothes

All fencers are to bring gear to all training sessions.

Please see Uniform For Training for more info.

Extra training?

By joining a club, students can get extra training and personal coaches. By doing extra training, students can get better easily and and will perform better in competitions and are more likely to be selected to be on a team.

More info at:

What do you need to wear to competitions?

Please see the Uniform for Competitions section for more info.

What gear do I need to buy?

Year 7 need to wear the SBHS PE polo, SBHS tracksuit pants, fencing glove, (as well as gear borrowed from the school)

Year 8 – 12 need to wear/purchase full whites (breeches, underplastron, jacket, glove), mask.

For more info on the SBHS fencing top and tracksuit pants:

How long does a fencing competition go for?

An individual fencing competition typically goes 2-3 hrs depending on how far you make it into the competition.

A team competition varies time to time as sometimes you might only have one or two bouts or you might have 4-5 bouts. One team bout goes for around 45 mins.

When do you arrive at the venue?

If competing, arrive one hour before your competition starts. During this time you have to sign in, warm up and change into your fencing gear to be prepared for your competition

If you are a referee, arrive 30 minutes before the competition starts.

If you are a mentor, you should arrive an hour before the competition starts to help mentor your padawan.

What is the cost of the Co-payment?

In 2023, the co-payment is $300 for all years. The school sport co-payment to be made to the front office before the end of Term 2. This payment helps to cover coaching costs, equipment/armoury maintenance and school competition entry fees.

See Costs page for more info.

Which competitions can I compete in?


How much does the fencing equipment cost?

Basic cost and gear:     If you are starting out it is recommended you buy 350N equipment (breeches, jacket and helmet) with the mandatory 800N FIE underplastron. The equipment costs around $400.

If you are looking for better quality but more expensive equipment you can buy FIE approved equipment which costs 2-3 times more than the basic gear and can be used in national competitions. 

Please see Where To Buy Fencing Gear for more info.

Mr Huynh will provide electric gear for all ages, (weapon, wire, lame), however recommends everyone to buy their own gear if they are serious about the sport.

What is the difference between FIE and normal equipment?

FIE gear is stronger and thicker, therefore more protective.  FIE gear also passes multiple tests to meet the FIE standard. Only FIE weapons can be used in national school competitions.

More information about competition and fencing in general?


Written by Lachlan Ho

Edited by Mr Dat Huynh

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