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Where To Buy Fencing Gear

There are many options for purchasing fencing gear in Sydney and worldwide. If you know what you’re looking for, you can order equipment online. Alternatively, if you’d like to try before you buy, you can buy your equipment from local suppliers.

Our school fencing equipment supplier is Jeff Hardge from

His contact details are as follows:

mobile: 0415 919 569


Jeff has kindly put together a Special Package deal for SBHS fencers who need to purchase the minimum equipment from year 8 onwards (underplastron, jacket, breeches and mask). You can find the details of this deal here: Swordsplay SBHS Package Deal 2016-2017

He frequently sets up a stall at Squad Training at the NSW Fencing Centre on Tuesday and Friday evenings. If you wish to purchase from him, it is best to email, text or call him beforehand to check stock and arrange the purchase as he does not carry a full inventory with him at all times.

Jeff will also have his stall set up at every fencing competition this year and provides a maintenance and repair service for weapons and equipment.

Please feel free to ask around for advice and do your own research to find the gear that suits you best. Please keep in mind the minimum safety standards for equipment required for all competitions in NSW by reading the rules and regulations posted on the NSW Fencing Association website (

Below are some local businesses where you can buy fencing gear:

Local: (Australian distributor for PBT Fencing gear. Supplier of fencing equipment and repairs) (Another Sydney supplier of fencing equipment and repairs) (Australian distributor: Sydney Sabre Centre –

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