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For Competitions


  • Fencers from year 8 to year 12 must wear an SBHS fencing shirt (white) to all school competitions. Under 13s fencers are to wear their SBHS PE shirt to competitions.
  • Under 13s fencers who do not own breeches must wear the SBHS tracksuit pants when competing (with the exception of Epee fencers who must wear breeches).
  • Under 15s and Senior fencers must wear fencing breeches (no tracksuit pants) when competing.
  • All fencers from year 8 to 12 must wear 1 knee length SBHS soccer sock on their back leg when fencing (sky blue sock with 2 brown strips on top) at all school competitions. First grade team members will each be awarded an SBHS rugby sock (sky blue with large brown stripes) at the Winter Sports Assembly for the year. They may wear this sock instead of the soccer sock to distinguish their achievement as a First Grade fencer.
  • All fencers must wear an SBHS tracksuit jacket for medal presentations at a competition.


  • All mentors MUST wear an SBHS tracksuit jacket to competitions so that other SBHS fencers and staff are able to identify you easily in case they need to ask for assistance.


  • If you are refereeing, you may elect to wear mufti to the competition as you must remain neutral in your role as a referee during the competition.

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