Sydney Boys High School Fencing


End of season survey

Hi all,

As we are wrapping up the end of another Fencing season, we ask that you please take some time to provide us with some valuable feedback so that we’re able to improve the program for next season.

The survey will only take a few minutes and the Google Form link can be found here:
SBHS Fencing 2017 – End of season survey

You are required to sign into your Google account to ensure one entry per person, but the survey is completed anonymously as your email address is not collected.

Thank you very much for your time and assistance!

-D. Huynh


Year 7 (and any other new fencers) Fencing Equipment returns: Wednesday 16/08/17 at Cricket nets at the start of Lunch 1.

To year 7 and any other new fencers,

Please make sure the equipment you have borrowed for the season has been cleaned and washed, ready to be returned to the Fencing store room at the start of Lunch 1 this Wednesday 16/08/17.

I would also like to ask if there are any minor repairs that can be made to the velcro straps on the masks, please do so by stitching on a new piece of velcro to replace any worn out straps.

I will sign off on your borrowing form upon inspection and collection of the equipment.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and attention with this task.

-D. Huynh

Update notice for Senior Fencers (year 10, 11 & 12)

I have recently been notified by MIC Sport of the following:

Senior students (year 10, 11, 12) continue to attend their Winter Sport for the next two weeks.

Seniors will need to attend Wednesday’s training (1pm to 3pm) as per usual for the next two weeks, ending on 23/08/17. I will be cancelling all after school training sessions.

Junior students (year 7, 8, 9) move off to attend Athletics training/Summer Sport arrangements as of this week.

My apologies for any inconveniences caused as the school is trialling a new format for the transition from Winter Sport to Athletics Season leading to the Summer Sport Season.

-D. Huynh


Start time mix up for U13 Boys Foil Teams on 05/08/17

Hi all,

I want to unreservedly apologise for the incorrect start time for the U13 Boys Foil Team School Championships communicated to our students on our website.

I had made the mistake when updating the SBHS Fencing calendar upon learning of the latest changes to the dates and start times made by NSWFA. In my haste, I incorrectly transferred the wrong start time for the U13 Boys Foil Team event and the error went unnoticed, leading to the mix-up and confusion on Saturday.

I was not able to attend the competition on Saturday but I know it must have been a frustrating experience to have to wait hours to start your competition. I will endeavour to be more vigilant with ensuring start times are accurately communicated so that this incident will not happen again.

My sincere apologies for the inconveniences caused and thank you for your understanding with this matter.

-D. Huynh


Fencing Supporters Meeting – Thursday 10/08/17

Hi all,

We will be holding the Fencing Supporters Meeting on Thursday 10/08/17 at 6:00pm in the Staff Common Room.

This is a great opportunity to reflect on another successful season and to start planning the End of Season Fencing Dinner.

I invite all interested parents and supporters to attend.

The Meeting Agenda can be found here.

Fencing Committee members are able to edit the Google Doc and add anything they wish to discuss at the meeting.

Please let me know if there are any issues or questions.


D. Huynh


Saturday 05/08/17 – U13 Foil Team School Champs and U15 Foil Team Premiership

Hi all,

This weekend we have two events running:

  • U13 Foil Team School Championship
  • U15 Foil Team Premiership

Fixtures are posted on the Results page.

Unfortunately, I will not be present as I’m on personal leave this weekend. Ms Lynnea Stuwart will be supervising and Coach Feng will also be assisting our boys on the day. I wish them all the best of luck in their bouts.

– D. Huynh

Winter Sport Photos on Wednesday 02/08/17: All Fencers – be at the basketball courts at 11:10am

Hi all,

We were accidentally left off the Winter Sport photos timetable but have been slotted in at 11:10am tomorrow. All fencers please be at the basketball courts with full school uniform and blazers if you have one.

Apologies for the late notice and thanks for your cooperation.

-D. Huynh

SBHS Beginning Fencers weapon preference form 2017

All new fencers have been asked to fill in a form (link below) to indicate their weapon preferences if they are trying out for Fencing next season. This data will help us organise and plan resources for the program more effectively next year. Please have the form completed by Thursday 03/08/17.

Link to the form here:

Thanks for your time and cooperation,

D. Huynh


Outstanding results at Perth Under 15 Australian Championships Boys Foil Teams

Silver in Foil
Lachlan Ho 9T (NSW Team A)
Full results can be found here

Outstanding results at Perth Under 15 Australian Championships Boys Sabre Teams

Gold in Sabre
Yu Ming Lee 7 (NSW Team A)
Bronze in Sabre
Adrian Leong 9F (NSW Team B)
Ethan Kwan 9M (NSW Team B)
Full results can be found here