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For Training

  • All fencers must own a fencing glove and bring it to training. New fencers will be able to try on and purchase gloves at the conclusion of the try-out period to determine correct fit.
  • All fencers must wear appropriate footwear (i.e. sport shoes – fencing or badminton shoes are recommended as they have rounded heels and are good for fencing footwork. Avoid chunky heeled shoes).
  • All fencers must wear appropriate school sport uniform (i.e. school tracksuit pants or shorts, school sport shirt or fencing shirt).
  • All fencers must bring their personal fencing equipment to training (i.e. mask, underplastron, jacket and breeches). Year 7 fencers may borrow gear from the fencing armoury at the start of the season.
  • All fencers must wear breeches or long pants (below the knees) if they are bouting during training.

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