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Start of the 2023 Fencing Season: Try-outs this week

The Fencing Season starts this week with Foil Squad Try-outs on Monday (20/03) after school.

Make sure you bring your fencing gear and be ready for bouting from 3:30pm to 5pm at the COLA.

Senior Sport session on Wednesday (22/03) will be try-outs for our Senior fencing program.

All Weapons Squad tryouts are on Wednesday (22/03) after school (3:30pm to 5pm)

Junior Sport session on Thursday (23/03) will be try-outs for our Junior fencing program.

Year 7 and any other new junior students will continue with their try-outs after school on Thursday (23/03 – 3:30pm to 5pm).

Please check Clipboard for details.

Please contact Mr Huynh if there are any issues or questions.

Saturday 18/03/2023 – Pre-season U14 Foil Friendly Competition

Barker is hosting a pre-season U14 Foil Friendly competition on Saturday 18/03/2023. St Aloysius and Riverview have also been invited to attend.

Please contact Mr Huynh by email ASAP and by Tuesday 14/03 at the latest if you would like to attend or if you have any questions. This event is optional for keen U14 Squad Foil Fencers.

Fencing Try-outs 2023

To all SBHS students,

If you intend to try out for the SBHS Fencing program this year, please complete the try-out form below:

Please have this task completed by 3:15pm Friday 10/03/2023 as we need time to plan resources and set up pools for Squad try-outs.

Make sure you have also nominated Fencing on your Sports Selection Ballot. The Google Form is part of the try-out process and does not guarantee your selection.

Due to the demand and limited places, students who do not follow instructions to fill in the try-out form may be cut and will not be able to progress to physical try-outs.

May the Force be with you,
Mr D. Huynh
MIC Fencing

Scoreboarder Wesbite Trial

Hey Foilists,

As some of you may have heard from Tuesday morning, we will be trialling a new software called scoreboarder. If you have been attending off-season, please use the link below or google scoreboarder and the code to join is A5KEY. Any bout you do during training, please record on this website.

Foil Preseason Starts Next Tuesday 7/2

All foilists,

Preseason Training for Foil starts next Tuesday Week 2 7/2 and will run weekly. This session will run from 7:15 to 8:45 every week. A reminder that this session is optional and any other commitments such as band take priority. Hope to see some of you guys there next Tuesday!


Kevin Chen

Tuesday Morning Preseason Training for Foil

Hi folks,

Hope everyone has a wonderful summer break and had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. As the term is starting, we are looking to pilot a preseason training session for Foil on Tuesday Mornings from 7:15-8:30. This session will be completely optional and is not a requirement/prerequisite/guarantee into the squad, but if you are looking to remove a bit of rust and get ready for the upcoming season (especially those U15 as we have a competition early in the season) fill out the expression of interest form below. If we get enough numbers we will green-light this session.

Any Questions feel free to contact me 😀


Kevin Chen

Foil Coach

Fencing Training Session Proposal for 2023

As per 2022 season, Monday afterschool will continue to be a Squad Training session in the COLA and Sprints session for Development Fencers during the 2023 season.


Squad fencers are selected based on merit during try-outs and represent the school at inter-school competitions.

Development fencers are beginner and recreational fencers who are not expected to compete at inter-school competitions but will participate in internal competitions.

You are invited to share your thoughts and vote for one of the following two options:

  • A. Wednesday afterschool (3:30 – 5pm) as a Squad Training session and Thursday afterschool (3:30 – 5pm as a Development Training Session.
  • B. Wednesday afterschool (3:30 – 5pm) as a Development Training session, Thursday afterschool (3:30 – 5pm as a Squad Training Session.

Please cast your vote via the Google Form below (must be signed in to Google account with your school login to prevent more than 1 vote per student):

Thank you for your time and attention.

Mr D Huynh

Orientation Day 2022 – Expression of Interest for new students who are considering Fencing as a Winter Sport option in 2023

Thank you for your interest in the Fencing program for the 2023 Winter Sport season.

Please fill in the Google form below to help us plan the program for next year:

Fencing 2023 – Expression of Interest for new students only

NOTE: Please only fill in this form if you are a new student to the school in 2023.

For current students, the sign up form for try-outs will be posted in term 1 next year before the start of the Winter Sport season.

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to Sydney Boys High School!

Mr Dat Huynh

MIC Fencing

Sydney International Fencing Camp

On behalf of Bill Ronald and in support of the NSW Schools’ Fencing League, I’m forwarding information on a valuable Fencing Camp opportunity over the summer holidays. The event will be held at the University of Sydney – Bryden’s Stadium.

Dates: 9 Camp days between 3-13 January 2023, (with rest & tourism days on the 6th & 10th January)
Schedule: 10am-6pm typically — further information closer to the date
Camp fees: $850 The Camp (Fencers) $275 Professional Development (Coaches)
Designed For: Foil, Epee, Sabre fencers and Coach Professional Development. The Camp is for fencers of all capabilities but must be aged 12 & over (unless very fit/technically capable). Participants will be divided into weapon & competency groupings.
Format: The Camp is run as a collaboration of coaches from different clubs, states and countries. It is about bringing people together to work intensively and cooperatively, to develop skills, confidence and networks.

Please contact Bill Ronald to reserve your spot:

Bill Ronald

More information can be found here:

School Photos (Fencing) on Monday 29/08/2022

Fencing photos will be taken during the co-curricular photo day on Monday 29/08.

Please wear full school formal uniform (blazers preferred for squad photos).

I will collect the Roberta Nutt Shield and NSWSFL Epee Team Premiership Plaque so we can have them in the relevant photos.

List of photos:

1st Grade Fencing Teams (if you fenced in the Senior National Teams event)

U14 Foil Squad
U14 Epee Squad (display Epee Team Premiership Plaque) 
U14 Sabre Squad

U16 Foil Squad
U16 Epee Squad (display Epee Team Premiership Plaque) 
U16 Sabre Squad

U19 Foil Squad
U19 Epee Squad
U19 Sabre Squad

Development Fencers Group (50 students)

Squad Fencers Group (50 students)(display Roberta Nutt Shield)

Please let me know if there are any issues or questions.

Mr Dat Huynh
MIC Fencing