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End of 2018 Season Survey

Hi all,

As we are wrapping up the end of another Fencing season, we ask that you please take some time to provide us with some valuable feedback so that we’re able to improve the program for next season.

The survey will only take a few minutes and the Google Form link can be found here:
SBHS Fencing 2018 – End of season survey

You’ll be required to sign into your Google account to ensure one response per person (and you can edit your response afterwards if you need to). The survey is completed anonymously as your email address is not collected.

The survey will remain open for the next few weeks (until after the Epee fixtures have concluded), but please consider completing it ASAP so that we can review and start planning next year’s program to meet the needs of our school community.

Thank you very much for your time and assistance and may the Force be with you!

-D. Huynh

MIC Fencing

Saturday 11/08/18 – SBHS Newbie Trophy competition is on!

The SBHS Newbie Trophy competition for all new SBHS Foil fencers from years 7 and 8 is on this coming Saturday. If you haven’t already, please make sure you notify the MIC by the end of training on Thursday if you are attending.

The Start Time is 8:00am SHARP!

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the start time on Saturday to warm up and get changed into electric fencing gear. We will have student refs and mentors to help our newbies on the day.

Please visit the Results 2018 page for more information.

You can keep track of results and LIVE UPDATES on the day at the link below:

Coach Feng and Mr Huynh will be there on the day to support and supervise the event.

UPDATE: Competition format will be pools (6 pools of 3 fencers), followed by Direct Elimination round.

All refs, please download ‘Riposte’ (free Fencing scoring app) on your  mobile phones to assist with timing and score keeping. Please also bring spare Body Wires as we may be short on the day.

All Newbie Fencers who are competing, please pack your own lunch/drinks.

May the Force be with you!

-Dat Huynh

MIC Fencing

New turf for the COLA and we’re leading the way to a wireless future for School Fencing!

Just a bit of news for you all,

The COLA has recently been renovated! Thanks to Dr Jaggar for funding the project, Jim the General Assistant (the amazing maintenance man!) for managing the project and the Cricket and Fencing committees for supporting the project.

New LED overhead lights have been installed as well as the new turf and netting systems have replaced the decade old infrastructure. SBHS Cricket and Fencing have a fantastic new surface to train on and we look forward to making the most of the venue in future seasons.





The first step to maximising the space was to take our electric scoring boxes off the grid to remove the need for extension cords (trip hazards) and power access via wall sockets. We need to be more flexible when we set up for training to capitalise on the cricket pitch orientation. As such, I’ve researched and invested in some battery technology to take us off the power grid!


We’re off the grid! Next step: Wireless fencing…

This will be especially useful when we travel to schools for fixtures and exchanges. The battery system was testing during Round 2 Foil Team League matches and more recently with the Sabre Exchange at Trinity to great success.

Hopefully this catches on with the other schools! We look forward to making Fencing more accessible, efficient and convenient for all involved.

– Dat Huynh

MIC Fencing

Saturday 04/08/18 -Sabre Exchange with Trinity Grammar School

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce our inaugural friendly fencing exchange (Sabre) with Trinity Grammar School this Saturday 04/08/18.

Details are as follows:

Date: Saturday 04/08/18

Time: 8am (arrive by 7:30am) to 10am


Trinity Grammar School (Summer Hill campus)

119 Prospect Rd, Summer Hill NSW 2130


The venue is the Centenary Centre which is located in the north east corner of the school. The gate is right there at Prospect Road opposite Hurlstone Avenue. Enter the gate and turn right on to the synthetic surface.

Transport tips:

Public transport  is available via Summer Hill or Ashfield railway stations, both approximately a 20 minute walk away. The 413 bus also crosses Prospect Road. Other buses like the 428 are not far from the school either, about a 10 minute walk away. The school has a large car park for those arriving by personal transport. It is located on the other side of the school on Victoria Street opposite Holwood Avenue.

Extra notes:

Please let Mr Huynh and Coach Garry know by Wednesday if you wish to participate. Places may be limited (due to limited equipment resources and space). Coach Garry and I will make a final call on the list of fencers to send by Thursday.

Coach Garry and Mr Huynh will be there on the day to mark the roll and supervise.

We have been working hard to build relations with fellow fencing schools in NSW and look forward to continuing these productive activities in future seasons.

Please let me know if there are any issues or questions.


Dat Huynh

MIC Fencing


Fencing Supporters Meeting on Thursday 26/07/18 @ 6pm in the Staff Common Room

Hi all,

Please find the agenda below for the Fencing Supporters Meeting to be held tomorrow at 6pm in the Staff Common Room.

Fencing Supporters Meeting Agenda_180726

Please let me know if there are any issues or questions.


Dat Huynh

MIC Fencing

NSWSFL – Team Epee Premiership is going ahead this term!

Hi all,

I am happy to announce the confirmation of the NSW Schools’ Fencing League – Team Epee Premiership event happening later this term.

St Aloysius’ College (SAC) and St Andrew’s Cathedral School (SACS) will be joining us in this premiership involving teams in the U14, U16 and U18 (opens) category over three rounds on Saturdays in a round robin format.

Due to the significant changes and hectic schedule this season, I have requested and received approval from MIC Athletics to run this event during the Athletics season outside of the Winter Sport season for this year.

Events will run on Saturdays from approx. 8am to 12pm.

The dates and venues are as follows:

  • Round 1: 01/09/18 – St Andrew’s Cathedral School (SACS) will be hosting.
  • Round 2: 08/09/18 – Sydney Boys High School (SBHS) will be hosting.
  • Round 3: 15/09/18 – St Aloysius’ College (SAC) will be hosting.

More information and documentation will be updated soon leading up to the event.

Please let me know if there are any issues or questions.

Dat Huynh

MIC Fencing

Welcome back to term 3! Please read the following important information for upcoming events.

Hi all,

Welcome back to term 3!

We have a busy weekend ahead this first week with the Senior National School Championships and Round 2 of the Team Foil League fixture happening on the same day. Please see below for relevant info on both events:

NSWSFL Team Foil fixture Round 2:

SBHS is hosting this round on Saturday with Knox Grammar and St Ignatius teams visiting our school to fence.

Start time for the event is 8am and will conclude by approx. 12pm. Please see “Results 2018” page for more information. If you are unable to attend this event, you must inform Mr Huynh ASAP to organise a replacement fencer for your team.

National School Championships:

Students who fenced in the Roberta Nutt and have nominated themselves to fence in the Individual categories of the National School Championships have all been selected to fence.

As far as I’m aware at this point in time, there are no other schools outside NSW competing in the boys events. As previously stated for this season, SBHS will support students who still wish to compete in the individual events.

Please find below the relevant information for involved fencers.

Senior Australian Schools Championships Selections email from NSWFA

You will need to register yourself for the competition via the link in the document. The link is also posted below for your convenience:

The school is unable to pay the entry fee directly because it requires you to sign in with your NSWFA registration details. You will need to complete the registration form and pay the entry fee ($95) for yourself via the link listed above. You can then apply for a refund of the entry fee cost via the school front office as a credit to your student school account.

It is your responsibility to complete the registration by Thursday 26/07/18 and inform Mr Huynh once you have done so.

A note regarding Teams for the National School Championships:

SBHS will not be participating in any team events at the National School Championships. SBHS did not participate in the NSWFA multi-week teams program and therefore did not have any teams qualify for the National School Championship team events.

Please let me know if there are any issues or questions.

Dat Huynh

MIC Fencing




Fixture Round 1 this Saturday 23/06/18 @ St Aloysius College

Hi all,

This Saturday we have the first round of fixtures for the Team Foil Premiership pilot program. Three schools (SBHS, SAC & BARK) will be attending the event and St Aloysius’ College will be hosting the venue.

Event details can be found in the Results page.

All the best to our students competing tomorrow!

Please let me know if there are any issues or questions.

-Dat Huynh

MIC Fencing


Photos from Saturday 16/06/18 Exchange events

Hi all,

We had a busy weekend of inter-school activities on Saturday with the Foil Exchange at St Aloysius and the Epee Exchange at St Andrews.

Thank you to our amazing hosts for a fun and rewarding experience!

Photos from the events can be found here:

Photos 2018

Also, big thank you to our coaches and Ms Stewart for assistance with supervision and taking amazing photos!


-Dat Huynh

MIC Fencing

Epee Exchange at St Andrew’s Cathedral School (SACS) on Saturday 16/06/18

Hi all,

I am happy to announce the confirmed Epee Exchange with St Andrew’s Cathedral School (SACS) this Saturday 16/06/18 at their venue.

Epee fencers who have volunteered for this exchange, please find details below:

Start time: 8:30am (please arrive at least 30 minutes early to warm up and help our host set up if needed)

The event is expected to finish at 11:30am


St Andrew’s House:
Sydney Square, 474 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000
It is behind St Andrew’s Cathedral and next to Sydney Town Hall. Town Hall railway station is just metres away.
The Gym is on the 7th floor. Please meet in the lobby and security will buzz you up.

Coach Ted and Ms Stuwart will be attending to supervise and mark the roll.

Please let me know if there are any issues or questions.


Dat Huynh

MIC Fencing