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New turf for the COLA and we’re leading the way to a wireless future for School Fencing!

Just a bit of news for you all,

The COLA has recently been renovated! Thanks to Dr Jaggar for funding the project, Jim the General Assistant (the amazing maintenance man!) for managing the project and the Cricket and Fencing committees for supporting the project.

New LED overhead lights have been installed as well as the new turf and netting systems have replaced the decade old infrastructure. SBHS Cricket and Fencing have a fantastic new surface to train on and we look forward to making the most of the venue in future seasons.





The first step to maximising the space was to take our electric scoring boxes off the grid to remove the need for extension cords (trip hazards) and power access via wall sockets. We need to be more flexible when we set up for training to capitalise on the cricket pitch orientation. As such, I’ve researched and invested in some battery technology to take us off the power grid!


We’re off the grid! Next step: Wireless fencing…

This will be especially useful when we travel to schools for fixtures and exchanges. The battery system was testing during Round 2 Foil Team League matches and more recently with the Sabre Exchange at Trinity to great success.

Hopefully this catches on with the other schools! We look forward to making Fencing more accessible, efficient and convenient for all involved.

– Dat Huynh

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  1. Bonne Lee says:

    I really enjoyed watching the Trinity hosted session and seeing our new (away!) scoring system in operation. A great improvement!

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