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Australian Schools Senior Championships – Individual Entries open until 9th of July

Attention all Senior Squad Fencers:

A reminder that the Australian Schools Senior Championships are coming up on 23-24 July at the NSW Fencing Centre.

As the events are happening locally and the Individual event qualification only requires participation in any of the previous NSWFA competitions, we will endorse all SBHS Senior Squad Fencers who wish to participate in the individual events. The individual events are voluntary for our fencers, but encouraged if you wish to gain higher level competition experience.

Please follow the link below for more information and to register if you wish to fence in the Individual event.

Important Notes:

  • Closing date for registering is 9 July and there are no late entries permitted.
  • All fencers are responsible for registering themselves and paying the entry fee ($95) to participate in the relevant Individual event.
  • Individual and team events will be held on the same day for each weapon.
  • Teams are selected by the SBHS Coaching Team and the team registration and team entry fees will be managed by the MIC. For Team lists, please visit:
  • You do not have to fence in the individual event to be a part of the team event (pending team selection). However, if you do fence the individual event, your ranking/results from the individual event will contribute to the team seeding for the team event.
  • Coaches and staff supervision are scheduled to attend and assist on both days of the competition.
  • The AFF has confirmed that 350N masks will be OK, as they were for the Intermediate Schools in Canberra recently.

Tournament Schedule

Final Roll Call times will be determined once entries close.

Saturday 23 July
Boys Foil

Sunday 24 July
Boys Epee
Boys Sabre

Please contact Mr Huynh if there are any issues or questions.

Mr Dat Huynh
MIC Fencing

Holiday Training – Wednesdays 06/07/2022 and 13/07/2022

After polling students on their interest, we have decided to run holiday training sessions to help our fencers keep fit and sharpen their skills to be ready for Term 3 events.

Date: Wednesdays 06/07/2022 and 13/07/2022
Newbie/Development Training Session: 12:30pm to 2:30pm

For our new and recreational fencers to get focused attention to level up your skills quickly!

Squad Training Session: 3pm to 5pm
For our Squad fencers to stay fit and sharp, ready for competitions in Term 3! The Senior National Schools event is on the first weekend back in Term 3 so we highly recommend our senior teams to attend training. Squad fencers are permitted to participate in the earlier session pending manageable numbers of attendance.

All holiday training is voluntary. We will have coaching resources allocated for these sessions.

Please make sure you bring the following:

  • Your fencing gear
  • Water bottle and towel
  • Your own lunch (canteen will not be open!)

Please contact Mr Huynh if there are any issues or questions.
We wish you a safe, enjoyable and productive holiday break!

Mr Dat Huynh
MIC Fencing

Thursday 30/06/2022 – Teacher Strike – Fencing Training will run as per usual

Despite the teacher strike, Fencing training will run as per usual Thursday schedule:

Junior Training: 1:00pm to 3pm

Squad Training: 3:30pm to 5pm

As this is not a regular school day, attendance is voluntary. Senior squad fencers are encouraged to attend to prepare for the National Schools Competition next term.

All coaches are still scheduled on to run the sessions.
Mr Huynh will be supervising.

Mr Dat Huynh
MIC Fencing

Monday 27/06/2022 – Parent Teacher interviews – Squad Training starts earlier

As the school day ends earlier due to Parent Teacher Interviews on Monday 27/06/2022, Squad Fencers can access the COLA for Fencing training from 2:45pm. Coach Kevin Chen will be in charge of managing the training session as Mr Huynh will be attending to parent teacher interviews. Training still goes to 5pm. Squad Fencers, please assist the coaches to set up at the beginning of training and help pack up at the end of training. Mr Huynh will check in with the fencers during his breaks.

Please contact Mr Huynh if there are any issues or questions and thanks for your cooperation!

Mr Dat Huynh

Saturday 25/06/2022 – Newbie Trophy Competition updated

This coming Saturday we are starting the Newbie Trophy Competition for our year 7 and 8 beginner fencers in Sabre and Foil. We aim to get through Pools and some of the early rounds of Direct Eliminations for all three weapons.

In consultation with the Epee coach, the Epee beginner fencers will be completing their Newbie Trophy pool matches during the timetabled training sessions and so are not required to compete this Saturday. This provides a safer environment for our fencers within the limited training space and resources. However, Epee beginner fencers are still welcome to attend this Saturday as spectators.

For the list of participating SBHS fencers, start times and additional details about each event, please visit: and check the Fencing calendar:


Time: 8:00am start and conclude by 12:00pm
Fencers should aim to arrive 30 minutes before start time (aim for 7:30am) to warm up and get ready for their competition. Remember to bring your fencing gear, a towel and water bottle. School sport uniform is expected attire for any school sporting event!

Squad fencers will be called upon to volunteer as referees and/or mentors. If referees and mentors wish to do a bit of free fencing after the conclusion of the Newbie Trophy event, I am allocating about an hour of free fencing to about 1pm so please remember to bring your gear if you’d like to fence! Coaches may join in for a bit of friendly bouting.

Mr Huynh
MIC Fencing

Saturday and Sunday 18-19/06/2022: Australian Schools Intermediate Championships in Canberra

This coming weekend we have the Australian Schools Intermediate Championships held in Canberra.

For the list of participating SBHS fencers, start times and additional details about each event, please visit: and check the Fencing calendar:

We wish our junior fencers all the best in their events!
Mr Dat Huynh
MIC Fencing

Junior Squad Fencers attending Canberra Nationals – internal equipment check

To all junior fencers attending the National event in Canberra:

It is advised to have your equipment inspected and checked at school (we have testing equipment) before they are checked in Canberra as anything that doesn’t pass the inspection in Canberra cannot be used in the competition.

Louise (our assistant fencing armourer) will be at school on Wednesday and Thursday this week during the training sessions to assist you with your equipment checks. Please remember to bring in your electrical gear and weapons if you’d like to have them checked.

Please contact Mr Huynh if there are any issues or questions.

Queen’s Birthday long weekend – holiday training for Monday 13/06/2022

After polling students on their interest and discussion with coaches who are keen to help out, we have decided to run a Squad training session as per usual training time on Monday 13/06/2022. This is primarily to help out our squad fencers to prepare for their upcoming competitions.

Date: Monday 13/06/2022

Time: 3:30pm to 5pm

Coaches attending: Kevin and Lachlan

This is a voluntary training session for squad fencers. All squad fencers are welcome to attend.

Supervision will be provided by Mr Huynh.

Please contact Mr Huynh if there are any issues.

Try Weights for Junior Fencers this Thursday 09/06/2022

Junior fencers are required to attend Try Weights during junior sport on Thursday 09/06/2022.

Year 7 (1pm to 2pm): Please go straight to the Weights Room in the SBHS Gymnasium where Kurt Rich will run you through the Try Weights program. If you wish, you can leave your bags at the COLA as you will be returning to Fencing training at 2pm. Fencing roll call will be held at 2pm in the COLA for year 7 fencers.

Year 8 & 9 (2pm to 3pm): Attend Fencing roll call as per usual and continue with Fencing training until 2pm. You will then move off to the weights room in the Gym where Kurt Rich will run the Try Weights program. If you wish, you can leave your bags at the COLA and pick them up when the program ends at 3pm.

Please remember to bring a water bottle to Try Weights and let me know if there are any issues or questions.

Mr Huynh

Saturday 04/06/2022 – NSWFA AJ Rae School Teams Senior Competition (All weapons)

This coming Saturday we have the NSWFA AJ Rae School Teams Competition for Senior fencers.

For the list of participating SBHS fencers and team composition, start times and additional details about each event, please visit: and check the Fencing calendar:

To all fencers participating:

  • Please make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes before your start time to check in with the teacher and Director of Tournament (DT) to get your name marked off.
  • Bring your SBHS tracksuit jacket and wear the SBHS soccer sock on your back leg. You should have a full length white sock on your front leg (no exposed skin) when fencing.
  • Besides your uniform and gear, also bring a towel, water bottle and healthy snack to recharge between matches.
  • If you are running late or know you’re going to be absent for the event, please email Mr Huynh ASAP.

As per sensible hygiene measures, we strongly recommend all attending persons to wear a face mask (unless you’re actively fencing) and to maintain social distancing wherever possible.

We wish our fencers all the best for the events this weekend!

Please contact Mr Huynh if there are any issues or questions.