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Fencing Training Session Proposal for 2023

As per 2022 season, Monday afterschool will continue to be a Squad Training session in the COLA and Sprints session for Development Fencers during the 2023 season.


Squad fencers are selected based on merit during try-outs and represent the school at inter-school competitions.

Development fencers are beginner and recreational fencers who are not expected to compete at inter-school competitions but will participate in internal competitions.

You are invited to share your thoughts and vote for one of the following two options:

  • A. Wednesday afterschool (3:30 – 5pm) as a Squad Training session and Thursday afterschool (3:30 – 5pm as a Development Training Session.
  • B. Wednesday afterschool (3:30 – 5pm) as a Development Training session, Thursday afterschool (3:30 – 5pm as a Squad Training Session.

Please cast your vote via the Google Form below (must be signed in to Google account with your school login to prevent more than 1 vote per student):

Thank you for your time and attention.

Mr D Huynh

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