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Interesting Stats

2016 Semester 1 Website Statistics

The statistic above shows our website has been viewed by many since it went live a few months ago.


Hi Parents and Friends

SBHS Fencing subcommittee now has a WeChat forum for discussion. Please leave either your mobile phone number or WeChat ID below so we can invite you to join and start chatting.

We are the National School Teams Champions in Epee and Sabre!

The boys achieved incredible results at the Fencing National School Teams Championships in Brisbane on Saturday the 18th of June. It was also the strongest turnout to date at the competition, with 6 teams competing in the men’s Epee and 4 teams in the men’s Sabre.

After achieving Silver for the last two seasons, our Epee A Team finally won Gold this year and our Epee B Team had their strongest performance yet and came through with the Bronze.


Epee A Team won Gold: Arthur Chao, Peter Lin, James Ye, John Tian (C). Epee B Team won Bronze: Roy Zheng, William Zeng (C), Kentaro Takahata

Our Sabre team delivered a stunning performance to win another Gold and remain the champions in Sabre for the 3rd year in a row.


Sabre Team won Gold: Lincoln Hui, Garry Huang (C), James Siu, Kinzey Rahardja

Congratulations and well done, my padawans!

Fencing fundraising for the COLA renovation

Hi all,

As the end of the financial year draws closer, I’d like to take this opportunity to inform parents and supporters to an opportunity to make a tax deductable donation to SBHS Fencing. In cooperation with SBHS Cricket, we are currently fundraising for the long overdue (and needed) renovation of the COLA (Covered Outdoor Leisure Area) Centre. As Cricket uses the venue in the Summer season and it is our home for Fencing training in the Winter season, it is in our interest to contribute towards this renovation to improve the training facilities for our boys.

The renovations will include resurfacing of the turf, an overhaul of the netting system for easier transition to an open space (for Fencing) and additional canopy coverage to protect the area from wind and rain. This renovation is quoted at $75 000. Any help from parents and supporters would be greatly appreciated.

If you’d like to make a tax deductible donation or would like to pass this link to any other supporters who might be interested to help, please visit the link below:

Donate to SBHS Fencing

(Donations are made through the Australian Sports Foundation)

Thank you for your time and attention on this matter.

Warmest regards,

Dat Huynh

MIC Fencing




Saturday 28/05/16 – School Championships: U15 Boys Foil, Senior Boys Epee, Senior Boys Sabre

Hi all,

The competitions on this Saturday (28/05/16) are:

  • School Championships: U15 Boys Foil
  • School Championships: Senior Boys Epee
  • School Championships: Senior Boys Sabre

Please check the ‘Results – 2016’ page for the event start times, list of fencers and refs attending the competition.

A friendly reminder for all competing fencers to arrive 60 minutes before their start time to sign in, warm up and gear up. Be self motivated in preparing for your competition and try to get some warm up bouts going before all the pistes get taken up!

Refs should arrive no later than 30 minutes before the event start time and are not required to wear school uniform.

I wish you all the best in your bouts, boys!


Awesome results from the SEA Pacific Championships in the Philippines

Sunday 22/03/2016:

A big congratulations to James Siu (year 10) who represented Australia and won Gold in the Cadet Mens Sabre at the SEA Pacific Championships in Manila on Sunday! Well done, James!

Update: James won a 2nd Gold medal in the Cadet Mens Team Sabre!

James Siu_SEA Pacific Championships Gold 2016.jpg

Photo courtesy of the Australian Fencing Federation Facebook page.

Update: Congratulations to John Tian (year 11) who won Bronze in the Cadet Mens Team Epee event! Well done!

SEA Pacific Championships 2016_John Tian Bronze in Cadet Mens Team Epee

Photo courtesy of the Australian Fencing Federation Facebook page.

For more information, please visit:



Saturday 21/05/16 – Year 7’s first competition

Hi all,

This coming Saturday is the first ABC (Absolute Beginners Competition) for our year 7 fencers (under 13 years old category).

Please check the results – 2016 page for the list of fencers participating as well as the start time. A reminder that all fencers should aim to arrive at the venue at least 60 minutes before start time to sign in, warm up and gear up – ready to fence by the start time.

I have divided the year 7 fencers into two groups of 12. This first group of 12 students listed have registered and will be fencing this weekend. They will need to take home equipment after Thursday Sports training for the competition so please bring an extra sports bag on Thursday.

The other group of year 7 students will be entered into the next ABC U13 Foil competition later in the year.

A reminder to all students who haven’t already done so to pay for registration with NSWFA and enter your details into the Google Form so that we may enrol you into the school competitions. Click here for more information.

Borrowing equipment from the School Armoury:

Please note that all fencers borrowing equipment (masks, jackets and under-plastrons) are asked to clean/wash them before they return them to school at their first training session after a competition. The regular wash cycle (keeping whites separate) in the washing machine is sufficient.

Electric equipment such as foils, lamés and bodywires should be treated with care and avoid contact with moisture.

Lamés in particular are delicate and should be hung inside-out on a clothes hanger when in storage. If placed in a bag, they should be turned inside-out and folded no more than 2 times as the conductive fibres in the fabric may break when creased excessively. Please do not wash the lames as the conductive fibres will oxidise when exposed to excessive moisture.




Hi Fencers and Parents,

If you would like to share photos* from competitions or other events please email to the MIC or

Please send photos with maximum width and height of:

  • Small: 150 x 150 pixels
  • Medium: 300 x 300 pixels
  • Large: 1024 x 1024 pixels

* Refer to the following link for information about Privacy.

Saturday 14/05/16 – School Championships: Senior Boys Foil

Saturday 14/05/16 – School Championships: Senior Boys Foil – Poules & DE

Venue: PCYC Marrickville

Start time: 8:00am


  • Edmund Pan (10)
  • Harvey Luo (11)
  • Joshua Ng (11)
  • George Ge (11)
  • Jonathan Tran (11)
  • Ramachandran Kaniyur (11)
  • Thisun Jayawardana (10)
  • Jack Jiang (10)


  • Owen Zhang (8)
  • Ben Bao (8)
  • Marcus Nguyen (9)
  • John Tian (11)

National School Teams Qualifiers – Senior Boys Foil Teams – DE round of 8

Start time: 11:30am

Fencers (Foil Team):

  • John Tian (11)
  • George Ge (11)
  • Jonathan Tran (11)
  • James Siu (10)

All the best to our fencers this weekend!



AJ Rae & RA White National School Team Qualifier Results

Results from Saturday have been updated on the ‘Results’ page.

Urgent Notice for Foil Team:

Please be advised of the following timetable updates for the Direct Elimination rounds:

14th May – 11.30am   Senior Boy’s Foil    (top 8 tableau)
21st May – 10.30am   Senior Boy’s Foil   (semi final / final)
What this means for our Foil Team:
We will be fighting for 1 of the top 4 positions this coming Saturday (14/05/16). Please check the results page for the current team ranking. We will most likely be facing off against St Ignatius for a place in the top 4 (and qualify for Brisbane).
John and James will be away competing in Manila during the finals weekend and so will not be available if we happen to make semis/finals, but at least we’ll know if we qualify for Brisbane after the DE this coming Saturday.
Please come see me if there are any issues or questions.
Mr Huynh