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Saturday 21/05/16 – Year 7’s first competition

Hi all,

This coming Saturday is the first ABC (Absolute Beginners Competition) for our year 7 fencers (under 13 years old category).

Please check the results – 2016 page for the list of fencers participating as well as the start time. A reminder that all fencers should aim to arrive at the venue at least 60 minutes before start time to sign in, warm up and gear up – ready to fence by the start time.

I have divided the year 7 fencers into two groups of 12. This first group of 12 students listed have registered and will be fencing this weekend. They will need to take home equipment after Thursday Sports training for the competition so please bring an extra sports bag on Thursday.

The other group of year 7 students will be entered into the next ABC U13 Foil competition later in the year.

A reminder to all students who haven’t already done so to pay for registration with NSWFA and enter your details into the Google Form so that we may enrol you into the school competitions. Click here for more information.

Borrowing equipment from the School Armoury:

Please note that all fencers borrowing equipment (masks, jackets and under-plastrons) are asked to clean/wash them before they return them to school at their first training session after a competition. The regular wash cycle (keeping whites separate) in the washing machine is sufficient.

Electric equipment such as foils, lamés and bodywires should be treated with care and avoid contact with moisture.

Lamés in particular are delicate and should be hung inside-out on a clothes hanger when in storage. If placed in a bag, they should be turned inside-out and folded no more than 2 times as the conductive fibres in the fabric may break when creased excessively. Please do not wash the lames as the conductive fibres will oxidise when exposed to excessive moisture.



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  1. Dean Nguyen says:

    Hi Parents, I will be at this venue around 8:30. If you are coming to this event on Saturday please say hi. Also if you would like to become an Author to post news and ideas on this website please let us know. Good luck to our Fencers tomorrow 🙂

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