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SBHS U19 Sabre Trial – Rankings and Progress

For the past 2 weeks, sabreurs vying for a position in our top sabre team have been fencing poule rounds on Saturday in order to be ranked and selected.

The format is a series of rounds in which competitors are split into 2 poules, with ranking points awarded for each round. The split is done weekly by a partially random distribution; The top 4 ranked fencers are randomly distributed first into the 2 poules, followed by the rest to ensure poules are balanced. This random distribution is generated by computer.

Fencers are awarded points depending on their performance in that round that are totalled to calculate their overall trial ranking. The maximum amount of points possible for a round is the number of participating fencers (e.g. With 10 participants, 1st place is awarded 10 points, 2nd place is awarded 9 points, 3rd 8 points etc.).

Best of luck for all of you!

You can view the U19 ranking and results here:

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