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National Senior School Championships: 24-25/08/19

The National Senior School Championships are on the weekend of the 24/08/19. Individual events are scheduled for Saturday 24/08/19 and Team events are on Sunday 25/08/19.

The following students have either automatically qualified or are able to be included in the Individual events because of allocations for the other states have not been fully subscribed by them:

Senior Boys Sabre:

  • Yu Ming LEE
  • Arshad Aman MOHAMED
  • Thomas ZHENG
  • Nicholas YUEN
  • Henry GUO
  • Adrian LEONG

Senior Boys Foil:

  • Lachlan HO
  • Owen ZHANG
  • Matthew BUI
  • Leon LIU
  • Kevin CHEN

Senior Boys Epee:

  • Matthew PELLEN
  • Dylan HUYNH
  • Thomas NGUYEN
  • Louise FLINT
  • Andrey AVRAMENKO

Please register yourselves for the relevant individual events ASAP using the link below and email Mr Huynh to confirm your attendance once you have done so:

Mr Huynh will organise the team registrations. If you are unable to attend the individual and/or team events, please contact Mr Huynh ASAP.

Dat Huynh
MIC Fencing

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