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Intermediate (Junior) National Schools Championship: 14 & 15/09/19

According to NSWFA, the following students are eligible to enter the Individual competitions for the Intermediate (Junior) National Schools Championships:

Intermediate Boys Sabre:

  • Yu Ming Lee
  • Oscar Shi
  • Eric Hong
  • Sungmin Choi
  • Jayden Ho

Intermediate Boys Foil:

  • Daniel Low
  • Nemo Wu
  • Jayden Chu
  • Oswald Xie
  • Andrew Ren

Intermediate Boys Epee:

  • Nicholas Chen
  • Nathan Cox
  • Ziye Wang
  • Allen Chen
  • Rylan Ngo

Registrations close on 07/09/19.
If you wish to fence in this competition (not compulsory), please register yourselves ASAP for the relevant individual event using the link below and email a screenshot of your registration to Mr Huynh to confirm your attendance once you have done so:

Mr Huynh will organise reimbursements for the entry fees at a later date.

Mr Huynh will organise the team registrations once more details are available from the AFF and NSWFA. If you are unable to attend the individual and/or team events, please contact Mr Huynh ASAP.

Dat Huynh
MIC Fencing

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