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Squad Tryout List – please check your details are correct

Thank you to all students who followed instructions and completed the Fencing Try Out Google form.
Please find the shortlist for Squad Tryouts 2021 as per Google form details:

Update 02/03/2021: Shortlist document has been updated to version 1.1 after further vetting process.


  • Squads will consist of up to 6 fencers.
  • Squad Trials will consist of pool matches to determine ranks – top 6 fencers get offered a squad position.
  • U19 squads will be filled first, followed by U16 then U14.
  • Squad Trials begin Monday Week 7. Please keep an eye out for updates on tryout matches scheduled in week 7 on the SBHS Fencing website, Fencing white board and SZapp.
  • Please have your personal fencing gear (mask, underplastron, jacket, breeches and glove) ready for tryout matches in week 7!
  • Fencers who aren’t selected for Squad training will participate in Development training.
  • 20 award scheme points still apply for Development fencers for full season participation.

Beginner and new fencers trying out will be participating in a different tryout process that focuses on speed, agility, resilience and commitment. More information will be posted soon!

If you have any issues or questions, please see Mr Huynh in the Industrial Arts staff room.
I wish our fencers all the best with their tryouts.
May the Force be with you,

Mr Huynh
MIC Fencing

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