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General intake concluded – Some notes and reminders for our Fencers

Congratulations and welcome to the students who made the cut this season!
As general intake try-outs have finished this week and we know our numbers for the season, afterschool training sessions will begin Week 8 (Monday 15/03/2021).

All Fencers trying out for Squads (and have nominated themselves in the Google Form as such) are expected to attend the after school Squad training sessions (Monday and Thursday 3:30pm to 5pm @ COLA) as the ranking matches are still ongoing and conducted during these sessions.

Beginner and Development Fencers are to attend Sprints training on Monday afterschool (3:30pm to 5pm @ Moore Park West) and the dedicated Development Training session on Wednesday after school (3:30pm to 5pm @ COLA).

For more information, please check the training schedule here:

Uniform and equipment:
All returning fencers are expected to have their own personal protective equipment (PPE – Glove, mask, underplastron, jacket and breeches) by Week 9 and bring it to all training sessions in the COLA (not Sprints).

All Beginner Fencers will have the opportunity to borrow a set of PPE (excluding glove) for the season. They are expected to care for, wash and bring their equipment to all training sessions in the COLA (not Sprints). A Loan Contract document will be distributed to new Fencers in Week 8 for students and parents to sign before the gear will be distributed in Week 9. New Fencers are expected to purchase their own Fencing glove. Jeff from Swordsplay will drop by training in Week 9 to sell gloves to new students.

For more information about uniform and equipment information, including where to buy Fencing gear, please visit:

We have an active SBHS Fencing Google Calendar that shows all training and events planned for the season.
Please consider subscribing to the Google Calendar to get the latest updates on events.

The SBHS Fencing Google Calendar can be accessed by clicking on the relevant link on this page:

We look forward to a rewarding season with you!
Mr Dat Huynh
MIC Fencing

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