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Returning Fencing gear

Hi all,

Welcome back to Term 4 – we’re glad to have our students back on campus. It is unfortunate to have our season cut short, but we still need to organise equipment returns and conduct a stock take to plan for repairs and purchases for next season.

ATTENTION STUDENTS WHO LEFT GEAR IN THE STORE ROOM: As we have switched to the summer sport season, the store room has been cleared out. If you have left any fencing gear in there, please collect it ASAP from Mr Huynh. There are some items found in the store room that are loaned to beginner fencers – Remember that it is your responsibility to collect, clean and return your gear. It must be inspected by the MIC to sign off on your loan contract forms!

Please collect your gear from Mr Huynh ASAP!

Beginner fencers who have borrowed gear for the season:

I am organising return dates and times for different year groups to help keep the year groups separated. Please meet Mr Huynh and/or Assistant Armourer, Louise Flint, at the COLA at the following dates and times for gear return (PLEASE BE ON TIME):

Year 11 (now 12) beginner fencers: Wednesday 03/11/2021 @ the beginning of Recess (11:10am)

Year 9 beginner fencers: Thursday 04/11/2021 @ the beginning of Recess (11:10am)

Year 7 beginner fencers: Tuesday 09/11/2021 @ before school (8:30am onwards)

Year 8 beginner fencers: Wednesday 10/11/2021 @ the beginning of Recess (11:10am)

Please make sure all equipment is cleaned before returning! Tips for cleaning can be found here:

If there was any damage (accidental or otherwise) to any loaned items, it must be reported so that we can repair and/or replace the item before next season starts. Please help keep our loaned equipment safe for everyone!

Other loaned out equipment by Squad Fencers (for competitions etc.) can be returned directly to Mr Huynh. Please do so ASAP and see me in the Industrial Arts Staffroom to have the item checked off.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact Mr Huynh.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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