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Fencing Training starts Wednesday 16/03/2022

Thank you to all students who completed the try-out form.

As Rowing students are preparing for HOTR and 1st and 2nd grade teams have their final GPS matches on Thursday, the try-out process will begin during the allocated training sessions next week (week 7) and continue the week after to ensure all students who filled in the try-out form have a chance to be assessed for the program.

Students trying out for Squads are expected to have their own whites (mask, jacket, underplastron, breeches, glove) and be ready for electric fencing at every training session. They may borrow body wires, lames and weapons during training. Squad selection will start with U19 Squads and work down to fill U16 then U14 Squads.

New and returning Development Fencing students will work on fitness and agility skills as part of the physical try-out process. Fencing gear will not be required for new and returning fencers in the first 2 weeks of training until try-outs have concluded.

The training schedule for next week is as follows (UPDATED AS OF 13/03/2022):

Week 7: 16/03/2022 Wednesday Senior Sport (year 10 to 12): 1:10pm – 3:00pm
COLA is being used by 1st Grade Cricket to prepare for their final GPS match on Thursday.
Fencers to use outdoor basketball courts for drills and warm up bouts. If raining, relocate to the Great Hall.
Week 7: 16/03/2022 Wednesday After School: 3:30pm to 5pm
Venue: COLA – Fencing bouting for Squad try-outs (U19 and U16 squads only for this week)

Week 7: 17/03/2022 Thursday Junior Sport (year 7 to 9): 1:10pm to 3pm
Venue: COLA Fitness and agility training as part of the try-out process. Fencing gear is not required.

Week 7: 17/03/2022 Thursday After School: 3:30pm to 5pm
Venue: COLA – Continued fitness and agility try-outs for year 7 and new junior fencers only.
Venue: COLA – Continued Fencing bouting for Squad try-outs (U19 and U16 Foil Squads only)

The shortlist for Squad Try-Outs has been posted on the Fencing whiteboard near the IA staffroom.

Please stay tuned for updates and news for week 8 schedule.

Please contact Mr Huynh if there are any issues or questions.

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