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Saturday 07/05/2022 – Fencing events for Epee and Sabre Squad Fencers

This coming Saturday we have the following events happening across 2 venues:

  1. NSWSFL Epee Individual Round 3 for U14 and U16 Epee Squad Fencers:
    St Andrew’s Cathedral School
    Spectators are welcome, but must do so from the viewing gallery on the 8th floor.
  2. NSWFA Senior Sabre, Novice Sabre and Senior Epee School Championships:
    NSW Fencing Centre
    Proof of vaccination restrictions have been lifted. Spectators are now welcome but they request only one spectator per fencer attending.

As per sensible hygiene measures, we strongly recommend all attending persons to wear a face mask (unless you’re actively fencing) and to maintain social distance wherever possible.

For the list of participating SBHS fencers and additional details about each event, please visit: and check the Fencing calendar:

To all fencers participating:

  • Please make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes before your start time to check in with the teacher and Director of Tournament (DT)
  • Besides your uniform and gear, also bring a towel, water bottle and healthy snack to recharge between matches

We wish our fencers all the best for the events this weekend!

Please contact Mr Huynh if there are any issues or questions.

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