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Saturday 25/06/2022 – Newbie Trophy Competition updated

This coming Saturday we are starting the Newbie Trophy Competition for our year 7 and 8 beginner fencers in Sabre and Foil. We aim to get through Pools and some of the early rounds of Direct Eliminations for all three weapons.

In consultation with the Epee coach, the Epee beginner fencers will be completing their Newbie Trophy pool matches during the timetabled training sessions and so are not required to compete this Saturday. This provides a safer environment for our fencers within the limited training space and resources. However, Epee beginner fencers are still welcome to attend this Saturday as spectators.

For the list of participating SBHS fencers, start times and additional details about each event, please visit: and check the Fencing calendar:


Time: 8:00am start and conclude by 12:00pm
Fencers should aim to arrive 30 minutes before start time (aim for 7:30am) to warm up and get ready for their competition. Remember to bring your fencing gear, a towel and water bottle. School sport uniform is expected attire for any school sporting event!

Squad fencers will be called upon to volunteer as referees and/or mentors. If referees and mentors wish to do a bit of free fencing after the conclusion of the Newbie Trophy event, I am allocating about an hour of free fencing to about 1pm so please remember to bring your gear if you’d like to fence! Coaches may join in for a bit of friendly bouting.

Mr Huynh
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